Prescriptions Dispensed 



All Government funded medicines available and unique medicines sourced to fill all prescribed medicines on every prescription.


Medicines Compounded 



Prescribed ointments, ear drops, suppositories and oral mixtures are freshly prepared to suit individual; patient needs.


Long Term Condition Patients


Receive Medication Plans, detailed counselling about each medicine, compliance assistance and support to receive seamless supplies of essential medicines.


Hospice & Palliative Care services 


Syringe driver options for the 24 hours administration of a patient’s medicines can be prepared in our sterile unit.


Elderly and Special Needs patients


Elderly and Special Needs patients living in our community – are offered prescription delivery services, in- sinc medicines, Medio packing and the removal unwanted medicines


Methadone services


Methadone services and daily dosing is available to eligible patients Monday to Friday